High Power Magnetic Roll Separator

Shreenth were the first to introduce Indigenous High Intensity. High Gradient dry permanent magnetic roll separators in the Indian market. These machines which are manufactured are base on the popular Permanent roll Technology which has been used successfully in hundreds of Industrial minerals applications around the world.

The machine incorporates high energy rare earth neodymium permanent magnetic roll assembly which is manufactured and assembled under proprietary specifications to generate unsurpassed magnetic field gradients. Under this high intensity magnetic field, weekly magnetic contaminants can be easily removed efficiently. The magnetic rolls can be structured to treat particle sizes ranging from 200 mesh up to 50 mm.

Model No. Nos. of Magnetic Roll Capacity M.T. Per hr. Roll Dia.m.m. Length m.m.
SI671SRS 1 1.0 TON 75 650
SI671DRS 2 1.0 TON 75 650
SI672SRS 1 1.5 TON 75 900
SI672DRS 2 1.5 TON 75 900
SI673SRS 1 2.0 TON 75 1050
SI673DRS 2 2.0 TON 75 1050
SI674SRS 1 3.0 TON 75 1250
SI674DRS 2 3.0 TON 75 1250